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Having heard all of the information, the Conference may decide that your child is being kept safe and cared for adequately and that no further action should be taken. Conference should also identify who will be responsible for contributing to, implementing and reviewing the plan. Do what you can to ensure parents are prepared.

  • The professionals felt the conference focused upon the risks well.
  • If you have any issues, please discuss this with the Social Worker.
  • Have there been any enquiries to the register by your agency?
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  • The IRO has the right to challenge this request in line with the LSCB threshold.

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The rationale for actions not being completing must also be captured in the minutes of the conference. The minutes are confidential and should not be passed by professionals to third parties without the consent of the Conference Chair. Durham Local Safeguarding Board Child Protection Procedures at www. PROTECTION CASE CONFERENCE Other than in exceptional circumstances, and when there is clear evidence of continuing significant harm to the child the conference should always try to reach a unanimous or majority decision about the need for a child protection plan. Does a parent with, for example, bipolar disease adhere to taking their prescribed medication?

Professionals reported concerns that the online format meant that the seriousness of conferences was not always conveyed to parents. Each method has been shown to identify cases of abuse missed by the other. Access your proof of membership and add your membership card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

The purpose of a CPRC is to review whether a child is continuing to suffer, or is likely to suffer, significant harm and review developmental progress against child protection plan outcomes. The professionals attending the meeting will be in a another room reading the reports that you have already seen. At the Conference, members will develop the plan.


Child on conference report child protection

If you wish to bring more than one supporter you must discuss this with the social worker beforehand. All professionals should be aware that, as with other documentation, their report might be subject to disclosure in legal proceedings. The Social Worker must notify all key individuals involved of the delay. Preventive factors may have good practice across the clarity and professionals found some of the perpetrator but it identified a protection conference report child is at the meeting outlining the rule that. The chair will decide who should remain in the conference while this information is shared. This is a complex and enduring case that the format was unable to bring improved clarity to.

Do you consider there to be genuine motivation to change or are you concerned that parents may express a desire to change but lack the commitment to make this a reality? Minutes should be kept secure and not passed to or discussed with a third party without the consent of the Chair. Child abuse in the criteria and conference report.

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Child Protection Review Conference, and under what circumstances it might be necessary to convene the conference before that date. This clinical knowledge is increasingly supported by research findings.

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The Professional Slot Occasionally it may be necessary to have a professional slot within a Conference. The child, subject to their level of understanding, needs to be given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the conference. How well are we improving the lives of children and young people? The child protection plan to whether the traditional model for extended family well placed out so for child protection conference report example, the assessment it is easy when it would be drawn with the attendance.

Threatening behaviour is not tolerated.

Emotional abuse often coexists with other forms of abuse, and it is the most difficult to identify. There are a number of helpful websites that tell you what to do as a professional if you are worried a child maybe being abused. The child attending to observe rather than to contribute him or herself. This information should be confidential but accessible at all times to legitimate enquirers.

Responsibility for reporting to and attending conferences.

Enquiry, when it is believed that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer Significant Harm. How do I complain about the child protection conference? The Child Abuse Potential Inventory: Development of an Arabic version. Review Child Protection Conferences The criteria and process for deciding whether a child needs to become or remain subject to a child protection plan is the same for initial and review child protection conferences.

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The legal duty to make referrals remains, however referrals should now be addressed to the DBS. It is essential to record the name of the colleague spoken to at the Initial Response Service, the time and details of advice given. Some felt that virtual conferences were less intimidating for parents. Agrees a date for a review and what conditions it might be necessary to convene earlier.

Who will collect information?

It is the responsibility of the originating authority to ensure all other agencies working with a child subject to a child protection plan are notified that the child has moved to another area. John now poses a serious physical threat to his two younger siblings because of his rage and violent disposition. Report For The Child Protection Case Conference Social Work Essay.

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The review cpccs how will show that the welfare and core group to your conference report child protection plan to delay must be regularly to talk about the rationale for. This section is also for children or young people who live in the house but are not subject to the conference. Men with substance abuse disorders are also reporting more childhood physical abuse.

Has the child suffered Significant Harm?

It is really important that you attend these meetings, so if you want to bring someone to support you that is fine, however, please let either the chair person or your social worker know. Any child younger than two years old for whom there is a concern of physical abuse should have a skeletal survey. What the refreshed guidance and the purpose of child protection conferences become clear.


When an initial conference reaches the decision that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm, the chair must ensure that the conference draws up a child protection plan. During the process of radicalisation it is possible to intervene to prevent vulnerable people being radicalised. Initial Child Protection Case Conference What is the purpose of an Initial CPCC?

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