10 Things We All Hate About Rack Safety Inspection Checklist

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To avoid these pitfalls, racking systems should be inspected at least monthly to make sure the racks are in compliance with OSHA standards and they have been safely and properly installed, loaded and without damage.

The retention means may beintegral with the base. Are the pallets overhanging the edge of the rack? What are the components of Life Safety Systems? Your download should start within a couple seconds. Inspect all bolts, base plates, wall mounts and individual shelves to see if everything is connected securely. Are the beams seated tightly into uprights?

Fast delivery on a range of great value products. This includes stationary steel racket systems. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and news! They help ensure our safety rack inspection checklist. Is rack protection in place?

Some even utilize more than one of these methods. Examine beams for damage and replace missing clips. Damaged crossbars must also always be replaced. The safety checklist questions its members?

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Rack capacity may be hard to assess if load ratings are not posted.
Is the metal rusted or corroded?


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Encourage staff to report any damage, however minor, so it can be assessed.
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In many cases these accidents are avoidable.

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Are there broken welds or other signs of damage? Are employeesphone numbers arked and unobstructed? Check if two sets of Emoji characters render the same. WHAT IS COVERED IN THE RACK INSPECTION PROCESS? Is It Time to Invest in New Equipment? Continue with Google account to log in.

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